Brad Delson
Name: Bradford Philip Delson

Nickname: Big Bad Brad

Instrument: Guitar

Date of Birth: December 1, 1977

Place of Birth: Originally from Agoura, CA, now lives in L.A.

Marital Status: Married

Siblings: 2

Education: Agoura high school. Graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications

Some Interesting Facts about Brad


  • Brad graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. Brad and Phoenix were room-mates in college. He didn't go to law school so he could pursue his career in the band.


  • Brad is a fan of Britney Spears and the rest of the band is embarrassed of him.


  • Brad calls himself "BIG BAD BRAD" or BBB, that's how he signs his name (BBB)


  • Brad's first instrument was the trumpet. Brad's first band was the Pricks in 1994. Brad was also in a band with Rob. It was rock meets rap and funk, they were called 'Relative Degree'. They practiced a lot, played a show then it fell apart.


  • Brad's musical role model is Chester.


  • Every Christmas (or almost every x-mas) Brad and his family hold a dinner in an auditorium for the homeless & Mike likes to help out.


  • Brad was voted Most Unique in his high school yearbook


  • The first time Brad heard 'One Step Closer' on the radio, it wasn't the full song, it was a clip of the song on a radio spot, and Linkin Park were all in the van together.

    Famous Quotes


  • I love playing music with my friends. I'm really proud of the record we've made and the opportunity we have to play these songs all around the world. Much respect to all the people who have supported us and help us to make dis ting happen -- Booyakasha!


  • Unfortunately, that park (Lincoln Park, the park that Chester got his idea to rename the band to Linkin Park) has been renamed the Christine Emerson Reed Park, so we're actually thinking about changing our name to Christine Emerson Reed Park and making Linkin Park the name of the second record, just to keep the consistency.


  • I'm inspired by the sheer ingenuity and intelligence possessed by my fellow bandmates.


  • I think my favorite Mr. Hahn personality is the practical joking Mr. Hahn that probably doesn't have a name yet, but he's constantly inventing things in conversations with new fans who don't know us very well. He'll make up things about us that are totally untrue. So beware.


  • You know what Andre? How many times must we have this conversation? I can't use a green pic with a green screen.


  • Mikes toothbrush is soooo sexy.


  • Were going to be coming out with Linkin Park toilet paper.


  • (laughing) I'm Big Bad Brad Intellectual Wrestler, I wrestle people with my mind, you don't know right now, but I'm hitting a man.


  • The weirdest thing a fan has given me is Joe Hahn.


  • You should name your child Michael Kenji.


  • Oh my Gosh, Joe Hahn is soooooooooooooooooooo hot!


  • The best thing I'd ever done to Joe's parents was pretends that we were friends.


  • Oh, I have an important anouncement to make: Phoenix, a.k.a. our bass player, has officially adopted a new alias. From now on, he demands to be called....."Powerful".


  • I'm allergic to spam.


  • I put myself in the group of music called Linkin Park.


  • I'll take bracelets from anyone, as long as its quality shit.

    Q: When will Linkin Park be in Chicago?
    A: Lincoln Park has always been in Chicago.

    Brad: Did you know that I hear voices?
    Mike: He does and sometimes they speak to us too.

    Brad: I'm getting a new tattoo, it's going on Chester's left arm
    Joe: I'm getting flames on my wrists
    Brad: I'm getting Joe's on my flames
    Mike: I'm getting water on my wrists
    Brad: I'm getting wrists on my....I give up.