Joe Hahn
Name: Joe Hahn

Instrument: Turntables, Samples, Beats, & Sounds

Date of Birth: March 15, 1977

Place of Birth: Glendale, CA, now lives in L.A.

Marital Status: Single

Siblings: 2 older sisters. Joe's parents are Korean

Education: Hoover high school. Studied in Pasadena Art College of Design but did not graduate.

Some Interesting Facts about Joe


  • Joe has a split personality called Remy.


  • Joe came up with the concept for the "One Step Closer" video.


  • Joe and Chester both agree the Foo Fighters' "Everlong" is quite possibly one the best songs ever.


  • Joe and Mike both majored in illustration. They were both interested in painting and Joe stayed at the college for a year then he got into motion pictures. He worked on Sphere and Phantoms. He worked on monsters in movies.


  • Joe was born in America, but his parents are Korean which makes him Korean.

    Famous Quotes


  • All of these quotes sound like excerpts from a high-school yearbook.


  • Brad is the best turn-tablist ever.


  • My butt hurts. I've been sitting in this damn chair signing stuff for a half an hour and they won't let me get up and walk around. Big old bodyguards say, 'ooga, booga.'


  • 'The Hobbit' rules.


  • If it ain't broke, break it, then superglue it together. When your done, give it to a friend


  • I wasn't a geek, but I was into art. I was one of the guys who the other kids were like, 'Oh, you draw. Could you draw a picture of me?' They'd ask me dumb questions, like, 'Where'd you learn to draw?'


  • They aren't teenieboppers! They're linkieboppers!

    Q: What's your philosophy?
    A: Take a bath at least once a day. Don't be dirty.


  • Mr. Hahn has a split personality named 'Remy.' Remy is a dangerous man. He keeps the rest of us on our toes.


  • Mike is so cute. I want to have his kids.


  • I'm warm, huggable, and lovable!

    Joe: I have a nice ass!
    Chester: "No, you have a big ass.
    Mike: A big fatass.
    Someone: Aww, don't make fun of Joe's ass!
    Joe: Hehehe, you said ass!

    Phoenix: Chester likes to grab his package like Michael Jackson.
    Mike: I didn't know Chester had a package?
    Joe: Yeah its somewhere down there.

    Joe: I like, uh, kinda borrowed a few bucks from you, uh, Rob.
    Rob: A few bucks? That's okay... how much did you take?
    Joe: Oh, just about $250 dollars or so...
    Rob: What!?
    Joe: Hey, you said it was alright....
    Rob: When are you gonna pay me back?!
    Joe: Hehe, when I FEEL like it....

    Joe: We are not nu-metal, but we are...I don't even know what nu-metal is. Nu-crap. Nu-tard. Nu-vomit.
    Mike: Nu-Metal is a weird thing...I don't even think we're metal.
    Brad: I want to labeled as Gnu-Metal.
    Joe: I like Nu-Ska.
    Mike: We need more ska on the next album. Maybe we'll just do ska from now on................Skankin Park. Brad used to love ska in high school

    Joe: Knowledge is more important to the mind....quite the contrary... so therefore, we tend to think a lot.
    Mike: What?
    Brad: Showoff...