Mike Shinoda
Name: Michael Kenji Shinoda

Instrument: Vocals, Beats + Samples, Keyboards, Guitar

Date of Birth: February 11, 1977

Marital Status: Married to Anna

Siblings: Brother Jason. Mike is half Japanese

Place of Birth: Originally from Agoura, CA, now lives in L.A.

Education: Agoura high school. Graduated from the Pasadena Art College of Design in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in illustration.

Some Interesting Facts about Mike


  • He majored in Illustration but studied graphic design heavily. Mike got a job as a graphic designer right out of college.Mike designed the soldier on the "Hybrid Theory" cover.


  • Mike & Brad met in 7th grade.


  • Mike had to do his eighth term finals (at Pasadena art school) the same weekend Linkin Park did a showcase for about six record labels (exams at the same time when things started happening for the band...talk about a nervous breakdown).


  • The first time Mike heard 'One Step Closer' on the radio was in Arizona.


  • Mike took classical piano lessons for 10 years. He got sick of playing classical music though and moved into jazz then hip hop.


  • Before Chester joined the band, Mike would do his parts and find friends to do the other vocals.

    Famous Quotes



  • Writing songs and sharing them with people is a very rewarding experience...I can't think of anything more gratifying as seeing people from different backgrounds come together to enjoy music. Thanks.


  • We are renaming the band to Blink-Nsync 182.


  • We have people in the band who don't drink or do drugs.....some of us like to go sightseeing.


  • When I was little I was a brat.


  • Mr. Hahn is god.


  • A lot has been made of the contrast between me and Chester because we are totally different in a lot of ways. He's crazy for a start off. I'm sane. He used to run around at the age of two singing Foreigner songs. I certainly didn't. He'll show you his butt. I wouldn't inflict that on anybody. We learned pretty early on in this band that you can't have snobbery in music. Our guitarist is a huge Britney Spears fan.


  • Thank you, Brad. Brad is so kind. He's here for my moral support. Without Brad I think I'd be pretty bummed out on tour, because he's the only one who gives me any moral support. Everyone else makes fun of me -especially Mr. Hahn!

    Mike: I'm not a very reading person, I like to look at pictures.
    Chester: Mike likes porno.
    Mike:I don't like porno. I like graphics...

    Mike: The best thing I'd ever done is when my brother went to oversea and I came back home as a Christmas present.
    Chester: In a box.
    Mike: Yes, in a box.

    Mike: Some kid told someone else they can get banned for calling us assholes.
    Anna: Mike, you're an asshole.

    Phoenix: Chester likes to grab his package like Michael Jackson.
    Mike: I didn't know Chester had a package?
    Joe: Yeah its somewhere down there.

    MTV: Let's talk about your success. You've sold over a million records...
    Mike: We've sold a million records?
    Chester: We did?
    MTV: Have you?
    Mike: Whoa!"

    Mike: We're not like other bands you know. We actually visit our website and care about our internet fans. We visit as many fansites as possible.
    Joe: Yes and I like to send threatening emails to people.
    Phoenix: No you don't.
    Joe: Yes I do! Shh, it's supposed to be a secret!
    Chester: Oh man...I think I disconnected or something.
    Interviewer: What type of machine are you using?
    Chester: It's called a computer."

    So how important has the Internet been in your development.
    MIKE: Well, www.linkinparkporn.com has been a very important part of our lives....

    Mike: We're famous?
    Chester: Are you sure?
    Phoenix: Sub-famous!
    Mike: That's craptacular!

    Mike: Hey, Joe!
    Joe: What?
    Mike: Go away!